20th Century Almanac

20th Century Almanac is an edutainment title that will interest anybody that is into history. It is hard to pack lots of special features into a digital almanac, so there is nothing truly special about this one. The screen shot on the left was found by using the "On This Day..." Feautre. You can select a date and see what happened in history on that date. It didn't forget February 29th either. Can you guess what day that was on the left?

20th Century Almanac also has a "Where in the world?" Feature. This allows you to select somewhere in the world and it will show you a list of things that happened by date.

If you go to the Library in 20th Century Almanac, You can see all the videos on the disc sorted by date. Also you can see all the content sorted by 5 different categories and by date with in the categories.

One Last feature is the Timeline. This lists everything everything chronologicly. So there is no features that are special to this almanac but it still has lots of info if you are into history.

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