3D Atlas

3D Atlas is an edutainment title that lets you view the world and it's facts. Here you can see the main screen showing the globe in Physical mode. This mode shows the Physical features of the earth. There is also Environmental and politcal globe views. The Environmental shows the environment of the earth. The politcal mode splits up the continents to countries and some countires to states/provinces.

Under the Find menu you can have it point out a variety of different things. Some of the things It will point out are cities, continents, countries, mountains, oceans, organizations, rivers, us states, and volcanoes.

Under the stats menu you can find national stats on things such as agriculture, economics, energy, people, and transportation. There is lots of stats in these categories.

In the Stories Menu there are some multimedia features. There are views of cities, different globe views, and there are some reports. These reports are tree huggin hippie crap or major environmental issues, depending on how you look at it. Such topics for these reports are acid rain, global warming, toxic waste, and water use.

In the Tools menu there are misc. settings and tools. You can get the distance between two points on the globe with the distance tool. You can also place a map pin which is basicly a bookmark.

The final menu option is the "Around the World" game. You have to answer multiple choice (the only way you can actually guess these questions right) questions to get miles and the first one to circle around the globe wins. Yes learning can be fun... sometimes. The 3d Atlas has alot of information about the world to teach the user, if the user is interested in the world. : )

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