3DO Game Guru

3DO Game Guru is a very helpful utility disc. Here you can see the main menu. Code library has codes that can be used to hack the save files in the 3do ram. Enter a code will let you enter a custom code you have found for a game. File list will show you all the save files you have in the 3do ram. Compress and Decompress will let you free up space in ram. You can compress a save file when you are not using it and decompress it when you want to use it again. Copy and delete will let you backup or make space in the 3do ram. In the Settings menu you can change options for game guru.

This screen shows the Code Libary code selection screen. There are 39 different games with cheats on the disc.

This is the browser for the file list screen. As shown in the picture, this 3do has 12 items in it's ram and has 61% free.

The Settings menu has alot you can change. This screen shows the serious options. These options pertain to how you use the game guru menus. The pretty options will let you change how the menu appears, including the background. You can also turn on background music from pretty options. Select device lets you select another device. This would be useful if you had the ultra rare memory module add on. This is a great disc to have just for the memory manager alone.

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