AD&D: DeathKeep

When Starting AD&D: DeathKeep for the first time you have to select a character. You have to choose either a Male Dwarf Fighter, a Female Elf Mage, or a Male Half-Elf Fighter/Mage. I have chosen the Dwarf Fighter, because it was first on the screen.

Here you can see that I named my Dwarf Fighter Excedrin.

AD&D: DeathKeep is another dungeon crawler game. Be careful the Ice on the ground up ahead is slippery. It's not that fake ice that you might find in some games.

Scattered about are items you can pick up. They are useful to your survival.

After you pick up items make sure you hit X to equip them.

Trust me, the natives are not friendly around these caves. They killed me a good 4 times or so till i gave up. I found The game to be a little bit difficult, but i think i coud get better at it if i tried some more. It doesn't appear to be a cakewalk, that's for sure.

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