AD&D: Slayer

From the Title Screen shot above, when starting AD&D Slayer there is a choice of picking an already made character or one can be made. On the screenshot on the left, there is a roll option which will randomize the stats. The stats can be manualy edited too. I have put all stats to max on the left screen shot cause i am cheap.

This Shows the screen that is used to customise the gameplay. For the seed option, Anything can be put in here and anything different you put will change the game when it is randomly generated. This gives the game lots of replay.

AD&D: Slayer is a first person dungeon game. This enemy pops out from the ground and doesnt show on the map when underground.

Scattered about are items you can pick up. They are useful to your survival.

After you pick up items make sure you hit P to equip them.

The map, which can be found under the camp menu or by holding L and hitting C, is very useful in this game.

The camp menu, which is found by hitting X lets you change options and rest. Rest is necessary to get your HP back and to ready your spells again if you have them.

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