Alone In The Dark

There are two characters to choose from in Alone In The Dark.

The Character starts in an attic of an old house.

Hitting B will bring up a menu of all found items and any actions that can be done.

After a few minutes this thing that looks like a killer duck with really jagged teeth crashes through the window and tries to eat you. Here the character has ran behind the treasure chest and the duck thing keeps running into the chest. If you open the chest it contains a shotgun which after two shots this killer duck on steriods will fall. The shotgun can be equiped by hitting B to get to the menu. You have to select the shotgun, then select use. To use the shotgun, and to do any other actions selected in the menu, hold A. Then use left and right to aim the shotgun and press up on the direction pad to fire.

The shotgun could be left in the treasure chest, but why? This game is a little bit difficult to get used to due to the clunky controls. It also doesn't have the greatest graphics in the world but i think it's a remake of an old pc game.

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