Alone In The Dark 2

This is where the story starts. This guy laying on the ground will get up so the revolver should be equiped.

To get to the menu hit B. Selecting Use under the revolver submenu will equip it. To use the revolver, hold A and then aim with left and right. Press UP to fire.

About 3 shots later the enemy will die. He will drop his Tommy gun he was using so pick it up and equip it in the menu.

Here the fearless hero is getting raped by another tommy gun wielding drone, but also another tommy gun drone is firing from off screen. The Hero feels "really awful". Shortly after this came death. This game suffers from clunky controls making it a bit difficult. The controls alone isn't what make this game difficult though. The enemies never give up and just keep firing. It takes lots of patience to play this game in my opinion.

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