The main menu in BattleSport is shown on the left. Instant action setup is the quickest way to get into a game with still some settings.

This is the Instant Action Setup screen. Here is the options for the game about to be played. There are 50 arenas or it can pick one at random.

This is the Controls for the game.

The object of BattleSport is to beat the enemy to the ball then shoot the ball in the goal pictured on the left. Some goals are 4 sided, some are only 1 sided to make it even more difficult. If the enemy picks up the ball, using lasers on them will slowly destroy them. Another option is to fire rockets at them to make them fumble the ball. There is 3 periods of 3 minutes each. The player with most points at the end of the 3rd period wins.

Here the enemy can be seen about to pick up the ball. There are also bonuses in the arena. There is a health icon that will replenish shields. Other bonuses include temporary invisibility, double damage, stabalizers (make it so you dont slide as much). BattleSport is amusing and is probably a pretty fun 2 player game.

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