Cannon Fodder

Cannon Fodder is a Real Time Action/Strategy game. It has many missions and some of the missions have more than one phase. This screenshot shows that mission 4 has 4 phases and in the first phase you must destroy the enemy buildings with 4 soldiers. Everytime you beat a mission you get more recruits. If you lose all your soldiers in a phase, you have to start the phase over and more soldiers will be recruited.

All the Sprites are pretty small but it makes the maps bigger. The controls are pretty basic, you move the cursor with the d-pad and move with the A button. Using the B button will attack where the cursor is. If you press A while holding B you will throw a grenade. Grenades can be found in ammo crates. Grenades are useful for blowing up buildings, but becareful not to blow yourself up or get hit by debris. So in conclusion, Cannon Fodder has a good amount of gameplay that is likely to keep the player interested.

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