Club 3DO: Station Invasion

Club 3DO: Station Invasion is yet another game for kids, sort of like Twisted: The Game Show and UHF had a kid. It's actually pretty nicely done (for a kid's game), with decent FMV acting laid over some impressive (for 1994) computer-generated backgrounds. Here we see Mary Carp, hostess of Entertain Us Tonight (get it? it's a takeoff of Mary Hart on Entertainment Tonight) live from a TV studio recently purchased by kids. The man in the background has just been fired and replaced by a kid.

In this scene, Mary interviews another newly-fired disgruntled adult. He asks Mary if she'd like to go out for dinner sometime. Sicko! She's a kid! Nice stick-on mustache and LEGO hair too, buddy. No wonder he was fired.

Here we have Jimmy Smith, newly appointed President of the TV station. Jimmy explains that you're his new show producer and gives you a brief rundown of 5 shows you can pick from.

The obligatory Select Difficulty screen, complete with semi-amusing visuals and cheesy music. Rather than Easy to Hard, the four settings should be labeled "Your Cat Could Beat This Level!", "Dumb Kids Choose Me", "Just About Right For The Average Kid", and "Holy @#$%! I Know College Grads Who Couldn't Beat This Level!".

Here is one of the five shows you can choose. What's That Smell? is a sort of gross-out gameshow with a host that looks mysteriously like Waldo from Van Halen's Hot For Teacher video. This segment of the game would have been much more fun if the game came with a scratch-n-sniff card.

Look, it's Rod Serling Jr.! Actually, this kid does a pretty respectable Serling impression, making this show probably the most enjoyable one in the game... for an adult anyway... um, not that any self-respecting adult would play this crap... um, other than to make a webpage for it... um, yeah...

Club 3DO features a respectable number and variety of mini-games, and these are easily the best part of the game. The developer really should have included a party game mode. Kids would probably have more fun with a party mode than the half-baked TV station story mode, especially if said kids are hopped up on sugary drinks and candy. Dig the spiffy rendered background on this slide puzzle mini-game.

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