Corpse Killer

The good: It's a light gun game, and any excuse to put the ridiculously rare 3DO Light Gun to use can't be that bad, can it?

The bad: This has to be one of the dumbest games with one of the dumbest titles ever.

The ugly: You probably don't have said light gun, so you'll be stuck playing this with the gamepad. Ouch.

Ya mon, I hope ya likin ma fake Jamaican occent mon, cuz I be tokin like dis oll de wey tru de game mon! Jeez! Just shut up already! Thankfully, one tap of a button skips these horribly acted cutscenes.

It's nice to see that the extras from Michael Jackson's Thriller video finally found employment.

I still haven't figured out what the heck these silver things are that the zombies are lobbing at me... or where zombies would even get such strange weapons... or why they're suddenly hiding behind that well-designed wooden fortress... or why I even have to fight them, when Jamaica Boy just be drivin his Jeep tru de gate afta dis scene mon...

Aaaaahhhh! Fred Durst is coming to kick my butt! Whatever! I bet I could stop his punk self with only a light gun in real life too. >:)

Vincent Schiavelli - Born: Nov.10 1948, Died: Dec.26 2005. Rest in peace, Buggy Ding Dong.

Thank God. Oh, by the way... I died on level 4... and I never fired a single shot. You read correctly... not one shot. It took the zombies nearly 20 minutes to kill me, even though I wasn't doing anything but watching the game. Yes, it really is that freakin' easy.

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