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CDi Section Added! Monday, January 9, 2006
I have added the title list for the CDi section, finally. Have a look and let me know if I messed anything up. Only a few title pages are added at present, but many more will be soon!
Posted by Andyman
Yeah, It's Been Awhile Saturday, December 17, 2005
Andyman here. Some of you may know me already, some may not... I'm going to try to add some life to this place once again, starting with updates to the Game Info section. Stay tuned! Note: If you'd like to contribute to this site, please toss me an e-mail.
Posted by Andyman
I Have Returned Wednesday, Apr 20, 2005
I have been away the last month or so due to not wanting to get burned out on internet life. Now on that note, It's time for full speed ahead pace again. Check the Updates page for frequent changes again.
Posted by BryWI
Updates Page Friday, Mar 04, 2005
I have decided instead of filling the news section with useless banter of what I do all the time, there is now an updates page that says what I did on whatever date I did it on. Checking that page will allow you to see what updates have been done to the site. So unless something major happens, there probably wont be as many updates on this page.
Posted by BryWI
3DO Game Info Thursday, Mar 03, 2005
Another Update! I told you to check back soon and hopefully you did. If so, you are now seeing this update. I have made some more changes and have done most of the tedious work that needed to be done before I could start adding info for the 3DO games. The Game info pages are quite plain right now at the moment. I'm keeping them that way until the new site design is done and they will be changed to better suit the site at that time if needed. Basically the game info pages will have pictures and short info about the game. This is so you can get a quick idea what the game is like.
Posted by BryWI
Site Changes Thursday, Feb 24, 2005
Well It has been a whole year since anything has changed on this page. I will be trying to help BloodShed add some content to the site while he finishes the site design. BloodShed is very busy with life right now but he will finish the design sooner or later.

You might know me from the EFnet channels, my nick is BryWI. I am going to try to add content about the games for the 3do system. I have added a Menu on the left that isn't exactly active right now. It will be used soon though. Most of the content, if not all, will be merged into the new site design when it is done. The Forums might be opened to the public soon too! Check back soon for more updates!
Posted by BryWI
Public Sources Tuesday, Feb 24, 2004
Some public attention has been given to the recent FBI incident we suffered. Slashdot has posted this article offering some discussion and Carrier Hotels has provided this news report.

In updated CIT/FooNet news, it seems that CIT/FooNet does not currently plan to offer shell accounts or host providers of shell accounts anymore. They are quoted as saying,

"At this time CIT will continue to provide dedicated DDOS Protected web hosting only."

It's a shame that some underage, punk script-kiddie has caused so much damage. The official statement can be found here.

Posted by BloodShed
Downtime Saturday, Feb 21, 2004
This is just a quick news update for anyone interested.

On February 14th, went down and our channel bots |3DO| and |CDi| were MIA. The reason for this is because our host connection was supplied by FooNet/CIT hosting. On that date, due to an ongoing investigation there was an FBI raid on FooNet and all computers were confiscated as evidence. The FBI will not provide details on the investigation. It is reported that it has something to do with DDoS attacks originating from FooNet. Among an estimated 500 computers, our server was also taken. The FBI claims they will return the hardware when the investigation is finished. Currently, they are expecting to take years to return the equipment. Our site has been restored at a new location, on a new server from a recent backup created before the FBI raid.

Unfortunately, the forums are still down. We do not have a backup of the SQL database that our forum was using. The FBI is planning to allow read-only access to data in about two to four weeks. At that time, we may have a chance to restore the database and bring the forums back.

In light of the recent situation, I may decide to disregard the database and start from scratch. If I do this, it will be because I am finally going to finish this site. The problem is that I'm too busy and too lazy, but I will do what I can to make that happen.

On a personal note, I would like to add that I believe what the FBI is doing is wrong. FooNet was a fairly large host providing services for hundreds of businesses and other hosting providers. Many innocent people have suffered great financial loss as a result. The FBI is privileged to take such excessive action due to the implementation of the Patriot Act; a set of anti-terrorist laws disregarding the rights and freedom of the people. I look forward to a class-action suit against the bureau for this excessive abuse of power.

For more details, you can visit FooNet/CIT ( or #foonet on EFnet) and FooNet News ( or #foonetnews on EFnet).

Posted by BloodShed